About Everton


Everton Dwight Campbell Jr. was born in Toronto Canada to Everton Campbell Sr and Josephine Campbell, both of whom immigrated from Jamaica in the early 80’s. Everton Sr has worked in construction for over 30 years and his wife Josephine is a Public support worker. Having moved to Brampton in 1991, at the tender age of five, Everton attended Glendale public school, Beatty Fleming and Cardinal Leger secondary school, before going on to graduate from Crawford Adventist Academy. Everton Dwight eventually went down south where he attended Northern Alabama’s Oakwood University which is where he obtained his Public relations and Political Science Background.

Although Everton has numerous accomplishments to his name, his seven-year-old son is by far the greatest of them all. Everton’s journey has not been easy.  However, his struggles growing up have assisted him to understand better the challenges young people face today all the while coming up with viable solutions to address them accordingly. Everton empathizes greatly with young people who acquire degrees but cannot acquire a job

As a result, as he has worked in a  variety of jobs as an Uber driver, laborer and even a background actor on a few popular networks. With that said, Everton is the epitome of resilience as he has still maintained a connection to the community he loves, whether it’s giving out free back to school haircuts for the kids in Regent park, advocating on behalf of fellow community members. Furthermore, He has volunteered for the likes of sick kids hospital, and world vision, hosted local debates, to numerous political campaigns before starting his own.

Everton is a young visionary who dreams to see Brampton reach its full potential as an innovative hub for future artists, entrepreneurs, post-secondary institutions and major corporations and businesses. Everton Dwight Campbell is not new to the political scene. Dwight had the pleasure of meeting Mayor John Tory at a rally back in 2014. Everton recollects that after taking a photo, Mr. Tory advised him that he ought to follow his dreams. This advice has followed him ever since. Having been inspired by Mayor Tory’s encouragement, Everton is now fearlessly stepping out to accomplish his goal of being Regional Councillor for Wards 2 and 6 with his eyes on more significant opportunities in the political arena in the future.

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